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Kickstarter Service
“for startups”

30-40% of start-ups result in complete loss of capital; and 95% fail to reach the investment goal. As seen in the analytics (Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail) below, businesses fail for different reasons. Even though majority of these reasons can be avoided or managed, most entrepreneurs still fail in these areas because they don’t know what to do, or don’t know how to do what they know. To minimize these failure rates, we conduct rigorous researches and test assumptions across multiple industries and business types to find out what really works. The outcome of our findings is what informs the strategies, frameworks, approach and solutions we proffer to entrepreneurs and organizations like yours.


Our Kickstarter Service Bundle Includes:

Business Blueprinting

This offering covers intelligence gathering, business model generation, products & services development, market penetration strategies, cost effective assumption testing, brand formation & promotion strategy, financial analysis & sales forecast,  risk analysis & countermeasures, and implementation roadmap. The final outcome will be presented as an attractive, easy-to-understand, concise and executable “Go-to-Market Business Plan.” To engage us for this service, click here.

Strategic Business Optimization Service

from the research conducted by our Kickstarter Team, we realized that, about 9 out of 10 small businesses don’t usually have structures and systems that can facilitate productivity and growth. Hence, we have designed this offering to help develop functional structures, systems, strategies and initiatives that will drive productivity and growth for small and medium-sized businesses. To engage us for this service, click here.